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Premium Imported Spanish Iberico

Our Spanish Iberico is Fully Imported from its Country of Origin and these are 100% Pure Breed Iberian Hogs. The Premium Iberico is a In House Branding by our partner "Hei Mao Zhu", as our products is custom cut to catered for a localize cooking experience and suitable for whether, you're preparing for a BBQ Party, Western Style or Chinese Cooking. 

Quality and Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

我们的西班牙黑毛猪是从其原产国完全进口的,都是100%纯种伊比利亚黑毛猪。 Premium Iberico 是我们的合作伙伴“黑毛猪”的内部品牌。我们卖的产品经过定制切割,以迎合本地的烹饪体验,并适合烧烤派对,西式或中式烹饪,极度方便。


Premium Iberico 西班牙黑毛猪

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