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Premium Imported Spanish Iberico Pork 

✅Premium Grade 100% Free Range Top of Line Iberico Pork.

✅Best Pork in the Market with Unbeatable Taste, Tender Texture, Rich Flavor and Nutrition Value

Feed is enriched with Oleic Acid to always ensure optimum results, with a healthy nutritional profile and the best Iberian taste. 

✅ Customized cuts suitable for cooking local dishes.

Spanish Olive Pork

✅Fed with Olive and Flaxseed diet and without growth hormones, antibiotic and beta agonist.

✅Natural healthy, exceptional flavor, soft meat, unique taste and out of the world melt in the mouth fats.

✅100% Spanish female hogs without any boar taint odor/taste (pungent pork taste)

✅Highest production standard from the EU and by Spain's largest pork factory brand, Elpozo.

*Quality and Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed 100%保证质量和满意*

Iberico & Olive Pork 西班牙黑毛与橄榄猪

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