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Berkcious Secret Roast Pork Belly 香酥烧猪腩(+/- 300grams)

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Berkcious Secret Roast Pork Belly 香酥烧猪腩

  • This Secret Roast Pork is made with Berkcious Natural Pork belly, that is healthy, fresh in taste and its meat is tender and firm.
  • Made with adequate amount of Five Spice Powder, Shao Xing Wine and Garlic Powder, the flavor is balanced and not too heavy.
  • Oven Bake, Deep Fried, Stir Fry with Kai Lan or even Cook with Porridge.
  • Frozen and Vacuum Packed Freshness and lets you satisfy your Roast Pork craving anytime.

  • 我们家的香酥烤猪肉是由有机豚肉配合五香粉、绍兴酒和大蒜粉慢烤制成。数量有限,每周仅一次进货。
  • 炒芥兰,配粥,或直接享用!
  • 冷冻和真空包装以保持新鲜,可让您随时满足您对烧肉的渴望~

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