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Chef Edward HK Style Curry Fish Ball 港式咖喱鱼蛋 (150grams @ 10Pcs 粒)

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Chef Edward HK Style Curry Fish Ball 港式咖喱鱼蛋

  • This Hong Kong Style Curry Fish Ball is highly addictive due to its sponginess, a mild appetizing curry with a slightly higher salty taste that will make you hard to stop 
  • Super convenient to prepare by just heating up by soaking in boiling water.
  • Frozen in Aluminum Foil Pack.
  • 弹压爽口的炸鱼丸,淋上奶香浓浓的咖喱料汁, 让你吃了一粒再接一粒,吃不停口。

Please take note on Cooking Instruction:

  1. No Defrost Needed.
  2. Immerse whole packet into boiling water for 10-12minutes.
  3. Unpack and Ready to Serve.


  1. 无需解冻,不要撕开, 整包放进 烧水煮10-12分钟。 
  2. 撕开包装,倒出来即可享用。

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