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FoodTalks Crispy German Pork Knuckle 即煮德国猪手 (+/- 1.2KG)

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Food Talks Ready to Cook Crispy German Pork Knuckle 即煮德国猪手

  • Now you can enjoy this crispy-licious German pork knuckle at home and the ultimate dish for celebration and festive season.
  • Easy and convenient 2 step defrost and deep fried, over, or air fryer and you are ready to serve!
  • Serve with some simple side vegetables, mash potatoes, chips to complete the knuckle dining experience !
  • Best served with the brown sauce that comes together.

  • 现在您也可以在家中享用香酥美味的德国猪手啦~这是庆祝节日的必备终极佳肴
  • 简单方便的用 个2 步:解冻和油炸、油炸或空气炸锅,就可以上菜了!
  • 搭配一些简单的配菜、土豆泥、薯条,就可以完可口用餐体验!
  • 最佳和附送的卤酱汁一起食用

Cooking Instruction:

  • Once fully defrosted, wipe the knuckle with kitchen towel.
  • Apply white vinegar on the surface of the knuckle included in the packing.

Method 1

  • Oven bake at 230°C for 45-60 minutes until crispy
    surface (Reapply vinegar in between)

Method 2:

  • Air fry at 220°C for 45-60 minutes until crispy surface (Reapply vinegar in between)

Method 3:

  • Deep fry with medium heat for 10-15 minute

烹饪指示 (需解冻): 

  • 完全解冻后,用厨房纸巾完全擦干
  • 将随包装附上的白醋涂在猪皮表面
  • 方法一:用烤箱以 230°C 烘烤 45-60 分钟至表皮酥脆(在中途刷一次涂醋)
  • 方法二:在 220°C 下用空气炸锅炸 45-60 分钟至表皮酥脆(在中途刷一次涂醋)
  • 方法三:用中火炸10-15分钟至表皮酥脆

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