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FoodTalks Handcrafted English Pies **4 Flavors口味** 即食手工派 (1Pcs @ +/- 185grams)

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FoodTalks Handcrafted English Pies 即食手工派

  • Bite into one of the best pie you can find, that is made with hearty fillings, wrapped with buttery aromatic pastry skin, and several flavors for you to choose!
  • Filled with generous amount of fresh tasting ingredients and most important with a delicious gravy that will beat most of the fresh baked pies you can get outside!
  • Simple 10 minutes oven bake or air fryer and you are ready to serve!

  • 这是您能找到的最好的派之一,它是用丰盛的馅料制成的,包裹着奶油芳香的派皮,还有多种口味任由您选择!
  • 充满了大量新鲜口味的原料,最重要的是美味的肉汁,完全不输给您在外面买到的派!
  • 简单的 10 分钟烤箱烘烤或空气炸锅,就可以食用了!

Cooking Instruction:

Method 1

  • Airfry at 170°C for 10 minutes 

Method 2:

  • Oven bake at 170°C for 10 minutes

烹饪指示 (需解冻):

  • 方法一:空气炸锅170°C烤10分钟
  • 方法二:预热烤箱,并用170°C烤10分钟

Pictures & Videos shown are for illustration purpose only (图片仅供参考,请以实物为准) 

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