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FoodTalks Pork Burger Patty **3 Flavors口味** 猪肉汉堡包肉饼 (4 Pcs块 x 100grams)

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FoodTalks Pork Burger Patty 猪肉汉堡包肉饼

  • This is a small batch home made gourmet burger patties that will upgrade you to a whole new level of cooking burger at home! 
  • Made with premium bacon, good combination of lean and fat pork meats, and lightly seasoned with simple salt and mixed herbs.
  • Generous jumbo sized patty at 100g per piece and will definitely satisfy all type of burger eaters.
  • No preservatives added.
  • Storage: Only keep in freezer, and consume within 3 days once defrost.

  • 这是一个小批量的自制美味汉堡肉饼,它将提升您在家烹饪汉堡包至全新水平!
  • 采用优质培根制成,拥有瘦肉和肥肉的完美结合,并用盐和混合香料调味。
  • 每块 100 克的大肉饼,绝对能满足所有爱吃汉堡的吃货们。
  • 不添加防腐剂。
  • 储存:只可冷藏保存,解冻后三天内食用。

Cooking Instruction:

Method 1

  • Pan grill with medium heat for 5 minutes on each side

Method 2:

  • Oven bake at 200°C for 10-12 minutes

Method 3:

  • Deep fry with medium heat for 10 minutes

烹饪指示 (需解冻):

  • 方法一:煎锅中火每面5分钟至金黄色
  • 方法二:空气炸锅 200°C 10-12分钟
  • 方法三:中火炸10分钟至熟

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