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FoodTalks Signature Chicken Chop **7 Flavors口味** 即食鸡扒 (+/- 230grams)

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FoodTalks Signature Chicken Chop 即食鸡扒

  • This is our master chef's pride as the recipe for this signature chicken chop, delicious and appetizing flavors to choose from, juicy and tender texture and doesn't taste like frozen food at all!
  • Made with the thigh part, this chicken chop allows our marinade to go deep in to the meat and will give you the best experience of juice and flavor.
  • Choose from 7 flavors and they are balanced and tasty that will satisfy whether you like light or heavier tasting flavors.
  • Suitable for almost everyone in the family and they will like it for sure!

  • 这是我们主厨的新杰作,作为这道招牌鸡排的配方,可口美味,多汁嫩滑,多种口味可供选择,完全不像冷冻食品的味道!
  • 由鸡大腿部分制成,让腌料深入到肉里,给您带来浓郁汁液和味道体验。
  • 从 7 种口味中选择,无论您喜欢清淡还是浓郁口味,都能满足您!
  • 适合家中各位成员,大家肯定会喜欢!

Cooking Instruction:

Method 1

  • Pan grill with medium heat for 10 minutes on each side

Method 2:

  • Oven bake at 200°C for 15-20 minutes

Method 3:

  • Deep fry with medium heat for 10 minutes


  • 方法一:煎锅中火每面10分钟至金黄色 
  • 方法二:空气炸锅 200°C 15-20分钟 
  • 方法三:中火炸10分钟至熟

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