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*New Arrival*

FoodTalks Signature Fried Rice **2 Flavors口味** 即食炒饭 (+/- 300grams)

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FoodTalks Signature Fried Rice 即食炒饭

  • Fried rice lovers now you can enjoy delicious fried rice anytime and anywhere just by only reheating with boiling water and ready to serve in 10 minutes! No cooking needed!
  • We have chose the best fried rice pairing using Lap Cheong or Bacon and with fluffy soft rice with generous amount of eggs.
  • A definite satisfying fried rice experience you will be able to enjoy at home!

  • 炒饭吃货们,现在您只需用开水加热,10分钟即可上桌,随时随地享用美味的炒饭!不需要下厨哦!
  • 我们选择了最好的炒饭搭配,使用腊肠或培根,搭配松软的米饭和大量的鸡蛋。
  • 在家就能享受绝对满足的炒饭体验!

Cooking Instruction:

Method 1

  • Defrost and reheat on pan

Method 2:

  • Microwave: Puncture several holes on the packaging, reheat at medium heat for 3-5 minutes

Method 3:

  • Boil with packaging for 3-5 minutes


  • 方法一:解冻并放入平底锅加热
  • 方法二:微波炉:在包装上戳几个小孔,中温加热3-5分钟
  • 方法三:将包装放入沸水烹饪3-5分钟

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