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Ready to Cook Keto Iberico Pork Chop **2 Flavors 口味** 即煮生酮黑毛猪扒 (+/- 120grams)

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Ready to Cook Keto Iberico Pork Chop 即煮生酮黑毛猪扒

  • Specially made for the health conscious peeps and loves a good piece of pork chop that you can eat guilt free!
  • Made with the Iberico collar that has a balanced lean meat and fats, that is nothing short of a juicy, tender and delicious experience.
  • Easy and convenient to prepare, air fry, pan sear or grill it, anyway you like.
  • 专为健康主义者配调,好让你可以毫无愧疚地吃一块健康美味猪排!
  • 由黑毛猪颈制成,具有均衡的瘦肉和脂肪比例,带来多汁、嫩滑和美味的口感。
  • 煮法简单方便,可以用空气炸,平底锅或烧烤,任由发挥

Choose from 4 Flavors: 

  • Special Rub Blend: Chef's secret recipe made from imported and special spices, you will never get to taste this anywhere.
  • Mustard: A meat favorite flavor that taste tangy with a mild spicy kick.
  • Cajun: This Cajun flavor taste subtle with made of mixed herbs, garlic powder and aromatic paprika, not too spicy that everyone can like it. 
  • Black Truffle: A unique flavor made with black truffle sauce that is buttery, nutty and a super delicious mushroom taste. *Highly Recommended!*


  • 特殊配方:由进口和特殊香料制成的厨师独家秘方,别无其他地方可尝得到。
  • 芥末:肉食爱着最爱的口味,味道浓郁,略带辛辣味。
  • 卡津:这卡津风味由混合香草、大蒜粉和芳香的辣椒粉制成,不会很辣,是个大家都会喜欢的口味。
  • 黑松露:用黑松露酱制成的独特风味。具有牛油、坚果和超级美味的蘑菇味 。 *强烈推荐!*

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