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FoodTalks Special Sauce Char Siew 品记秘汁叉烧 (+/- 300grams)

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FoodTalks Pin Kee Special Sauce Char Siew 品记秘汁叉烧  

  • Another signature pork belly made by the famous Pin Kee that is juicy, tender and perfectly charred with a mouth watering sweet and savory sauce.
  • Made with good selection of pork belly, and marinated with chef's own secret barbeque sauce and spices for more than 4hours before slow roasting in the oven.
  • Best to serve with a bowl of fragrant white rice and fried egg. 

  • 另一个著名的品记制作的经典叉烧:它多汁、嫩滑、焦香,配上令人垂涎的甜咸酱汁。
  • 精选五花肉,用主厨秘制的烧烤酱汁和香料腌制4小时以上,再放入烤箱慢烤。
  • 与一碗香喷喷的米饭和煎蛋的最佳搭配!

Cooking Instructions: 

  • Pan Fried: 
    Pan fried with oil at both sides till golden brown. Add in a cup of water and remaining sauce, simmer over medium heat till thicken (approximately 15mins).
    煎至两面焦香, 加入剩余酱汁&1杯水中小火煮至酱汁浓稠. (约15分钟)

  • Air fryer:  
    Place on a foil, air fried @ 170degree at around 15mins both sides, till well cooked and caramelized.

  • Oven Baked: 
    Preheated oven at 200degree, bake for 20mins then 15mins at the other side, till well cooked and caramelized.

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