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Ready to Cook JuicyRich Pork Chop **7 Flavors 口味** 即煮爆汁猪扒 (+/- 300grams)

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Ready to Cook JuicyRich Pork Chop **7 Flavors 口味** 即煮爆汁猪扒

  • MyBarn's exclusively in-house brand JuicyRich Pork Chop! The name of JuicyRich pork chop is born because our pork chop is super juicy, the meat is soft and tender, no need to chew hard, even elderlies and children can enjoy it! 
  • Bite into a rich, aromatic and juicy pork chop, we can guarantee it is unlike the pork chops that you have tried in the market ~
  • Exclusively created by a Singaporean Michelin chef with 10 years of experience, with 10 special flavors mixed with up to 49 imported spices to bring you on a new gastronomy adventure~
  • It is made from selected high-quality special pork cuts, which is twice as thick as the normal pork chops, and each slice is 15MM thick and 300g so that you can satisfy your craving for pork chop! 

  • 由 MyBarn 包办全马独家首创 JuicyRich 猪扒!JuicyRich 猪扒原名是因为我们的这款猪扒真的很 Juicy ,肉质软嫩,不需要出力咬,连老人家和小孩都可以吃。咬下即刻爆出浓郁多汁的口感,不像吃了市场上干干柴柴的猪扒 ~
  • 由在职10 年经验的新加坡米其林大厨 独家研发「全新时代 · 5星高级创意猪扒料」 10种创新口味 混合多达49种进口香料 
  • 由精选上等特制切位制成,比一般猪扒厚一倍, 每片厚度均为 15MM。300g猪扒 让你吃够够,吃到爽为止!

Choose from 10 exciting flavors: 

  • Signature: First in Malaysia exclusive pork chop, the taste is salty and fragrant, and not greasy at all! 🧂 It has less oil and less salt, so that you can taste the original classic deliciousness~ Perfect for the entire family to enjoy *Highly recommended!*
  • Special Rub: This flavour is made using 9 kinds of 🇮🇹 Italian precious herbs and spice seasoning! It’s marinated to perfection to make sure that every bite is a burst with incredible taste like you are in Italy! *Highly recommended!*
  • Garlic Herbs: The special minced garlic with bursting fragrant garlic aroma when you take the first bite! It is made using the perfect golden ratio of 3:1:1 💨 The fragrant is so intense, spicy and exciting! *Highly recommended!*
  • Honey BBQ: Our chef flavour took a whole year to perfect this unique honey marinate using carefully selected honey ~ Added with BBQ sauce, you will get a heavenly match of both smokey BBQ flavor and the aroma of flowery honey flavor 😋
  • Spicy Garlic: The most unique and special taste. On the first bite, it has a strong garlic fragrance, and the aftertaste comes with a freshness of chili pepper kick! At the end of each bite, you will feel a series of surprises for your taste bud! Must try for garlic lovers. 
  • Lemongrass: A fusion of 🍃 Southeast Asian local food flavour, this flavor is savory, slightly sweet and comes with a refreshing taste of lemongrass that will awaken your sense ~
  • Teriyaki: Our special teriyaki marinate created by Japanese chef 🤤 It’s slightly sweet, yet fragrant and juicy, it simply refreshes the taste of high-quality pork!
  • Korean Spice: If you love eating Bibimbap and Korean BBQ meat, this flavor is for you. The aromatic Gochujang marinate is sweet, sour and savoury, and comes with a spicy aftertaste 🥩
  • Tangy Tomyum: A must try for Thai food lovers! Spicy, sweet, salty and strong spice flavors. Made with unique ingredients used in Thailand. The fragrant Thai Tomyam is full of fragrance and appetizing! 😛 *Highly recommended!*
  • Blackpepper: This black pepper pork chop comes with extra kick of strong and pungent aroma! We use imported black pepper and ground into fine powder for the marination. Your mouth will be filled with stimulating, aromatic and spicy aroma ~ ⭐


  • 经典原味:全马独家秘制猪扒 口味咸香逼人 完全不油腻 ! 🧂少油少盐 让你品尝原汁原味的经典美味~ *强烈推荐!*
  • 特制秘方:综合香料调味的最高境界 采用高达9种 🇮🇹 意大利名贵香草腌制入味 保证吃下的每一口都是丰富多彩的滋味 ! *强烈推荐!*
  • 蒜香香料:爆香度满分的特制蒜蓉 当然少不了些许香料的搭配 采用独家黄金3:1:1 比例调制而成 💨气味更浓郁、香辣够刺激!*强烈推荐!*
  • 烧烤蜜汁:市场上的 🍯蜜汁腌肉法繁多 从严选蜂蜜至调味过程 费劲整一年时间 打造独一无二的蜜汁美味 ~ 😋天然蜂蜜 甜度适中 更营养又健康 !
  • 香辣蒜:最独特的创新口味 入口有浓郁的蒜香味,回味又有小米椒的鲜辣 微麻微辣刚刚好 ✨整体口感有如接连不断的小惊喜 ! 
  • 越式香茅:融合 🍃 东南亚道地美食风味 咸甜清爽的绝妙口感 ~ 不仅能促进味蕾, 香茅本身的清新香味有助提神 😊 健脾健胃等的好处。
  • 日式烧汁:日本主厨鼎力推荐的灵魂调味 腌制好的日式烧汁猪扒 🤤微甜香口多汁 简直把优质的猪肉刷新一层口感 !
  • 韩式辣酱:韩国美食的特制蒜蓉 必口感酸甜醒胃 后劲带有呛辣的刺激 🥩 任何煮法绝不影响韩式正宗的美味 !
  • 泰式冬炎:酸辣甜咸和浓浓的香料味 曾拜师学艺改良的美味 以泰国特有的原料制作 香气扑鼻的泰式Tomyam 满嘴爆香又开胃 !😛 *强烈推荐!*
  • 黑椒辛香:口感带呛气味够浓 采用进口黑胡椒粒磨至细微状粉 整口带有刺激芳香且辛辣的香气 ~ ⭐ 完美符合高级西式料理水准。

Cooking Instruction:

Method 1

  • Pan fry for 15 minutes with oil at both sides until golden brown

Method 2:

  • Air fry at 170°C for 15 minutes on both sides until golden brown

Method 3:

  • Bake in preheated oven at 200°C for 10 minutes, and 5 minutes on the other side until golden brown


  • 方法一:平底锅煎15分钟至双面焦香
  • 方法二:空气炸锅 170°C 双面烤15分钟至焦香
  • 方法三:预热烤箱,并用200°C 烤10分钟, 反面再烤5分钟至双面焦香

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