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*Best Seller*

Healing Wellness Iberico Pork Ribs Soup *4 Flavors 口味* 西班牙黑毛猪骨鸡汤

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Healing Wellness Ready to Eat Iberico Pork Ribs Soup 滋补养生西班牙黑毛猪骨鸡汤

  • Savor and treat yourself with a heart warming and delicious double boiled soup, made using the best ingredients and without the use of any MSG.
  • All soup is double boiled with Iberico pork ribs and comes with a generous piece of chicken leg.
  • Easy & Convenient: Just boil the inner packaging for 3-5 minutes and you are ready to serve. 
  • No preservative added and no additional cooking needed.
  • Special Note: Keep Frozen.

  • 由最好的原料制成,无添加任何味精。来一碗暖心美味的炖汤慰劳自己滋补养生吧!
  • 采用黑毛猪排骨炖制而成,每包里包括了一块大鸡腿。
  • 简单方便:只需将内包装煮沸 3-5 分钟,即可食用。
  • 无添加任何防腐剂,无需额外烹饪。
  • 特别提示:冷冻产品

Choose from 4 Flavors: 

  • Lotus Root & Peanuts 莲藕花生: A classic and tasty Chinese soup added with dried red dates and dried squid for taste.
  • Cordyceps Wei Shan 虫草花淮山: Delicious, aromatic cordyceps Wei Shan is excellent and replenishes energy, improves eyesight and helps to build up the immune system. 
  • Buddha's Hand Gourd & Corn 佛手瓜玉米: This is a perfect soup for counter heaty-ness, nourishing and restore a tired body.
  • Ginseng and Abalone 鲍鱼人参: The ultimate and delicious soup to strengthen, nourish and warm the body, with a added abalone for a luxury experience.


  • 莲藕花生: 经典美味的靓汤,添加了红枣和鱿鱼干调味。
  • 虫草花淮山: 美味、芳香的虫草花淮山非常滋补,能补充能量、改善视力并有助于增强免疫力。
  • 佛手瓜玉米: 清热解暑,补虚养身之佳汤。
  • 鲍鱼人参: 顶极靓汤,强身健体,滋养暖身,添加了鲍鱼,大大提升奢华口感!

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