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Ready to Eat Steamed Spicy Spare Ribs 即煮香辣蒸排骨 (+/- 330g)

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Ready to Eat Steamed Spicy Spare Ribs 即煮香辣蒸排骨

  • This Steamed Spicy Spare Ribs is a quick fix to settle your craving with a tantalizing and tasty flavor that is superb appetizing to go with lots of white rice.
  • Made with special selected spare ribs with spicy and aromatic recipe that is good for 2 person serving.
  • Convenient from Freezer to Steamer and Ready to Serve in 20minutes. 

Cooking Instructions: 

  1. Defrost, remove the transparent film from packaging and Steam for about 15-20 minutes and Ready to Serve.

  • 这款清蒸香辣排骨是一种快速解决您的渴望的方法,其诱人而美味的味道与大量的白米饭一起非常开胃。
  • 采用特选排骨,辛辣芳香,适合2人食用。


  • 解冻过后,打开包装,把里面的透明纸袋拔掉 (透明纸袋是为了防止肉饼氧化)
  • 放进蒸炉里蒸15-20分钟左右,即可食用。

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