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Special Selection Bentong Tofu Pok 文东豆腐卜 (6Pcs 粒)

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Special Selection Bentong Tofu Pok 精选文东豆腐卜

  • Famous Bentong delicacy, Big & Juicy Tofu Pok.
  • A Big Bite Size Tofu stuffed with generous fillings of pork, fish and chives.
  • Cook with Soup, Braised with Gravy or Deep Fried.
  • Frozen Packed and Sealed.

  • 文东著名的美味豆腐卜
  • 大豆腐卜,里面塞满了猪肉、鱼肉和韭菜
  • 可以与汤一起煮,用肉汁炖或油炸
  • 冷冻包装和密封

Please take note on Cooking Instruction:

  1. For Boiling with Soup: Defrost and Cook with Soup for 5-8 Minutes.
  2. For Deep Fried: Defrost, Cut half and Deep Fried with Oil at Medium High Heat for 4-6 Minutes.


  1. 汤煮:解冻并用汤煮5至8分钟
  2. 油炸:解冻,切成两半,然后在中高温下用油炸4至6分钟。

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