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Tajima Wagyu Beef Striploin Marbling 4/5 澳洲和牛里脊肉 (From 280g to 380grams)

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Tajima Wagyu Beef Marbling 4/5 (澳洲和牛里脊肉雪花4/5)

  • Authentic Tajima Wagyu Beef with Marbling Score of 4/5, that will melt in your mouth like smooth caramel, leaving the silken finish of beef and butter on the tongue.
  • In 2017 Tajima Wagyu was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Champion Wagyu Brand at the Australian Wagyu Association Branded Beef competition against a field of 19 other Wagyu brands. 
  • Striploin has the tenderness of the tenderloin and the flavor of the ribeye, well balanced tenderness and flavor steak.
  • Premium Air flown direct from Australia and Limited Quantity Weekly due to supply. 
  • Frozen and Vacuum Packed.

  • 正宗的但马和牛,肉的大理石花纹评分为4/5,在口中融化,如同光滑的焦糖,在舌尖上留下牛肉和牛油的丝滑味。
  • 在2017年,但马和牛与其他19个和牛品牌在澳洲和牛协会(Australian Wagyu Association)牛肉品牌比賽中取得了冠军和牛品牌称号
  • 这里脊肉有着腰内肉的嫩度和肋眼排的美味,带来了均衡的嫩度和牛排的佳味
  • 澳洲直接空运,每周供应数量有限
  • 冷冻和真空包装以保持新鲜


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