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Signature Tek Kee HK Style Shark Fin Soup 德记即食干贝蟹肉碗仔翅 (+/- 300grams)

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Signature Tek Kee HK Style Shark Fin Soup 德记即食干贝蟹肉碗仔翅 

  • A warm and delicious HK style shark fin soup is always the best soup appetizer with generous amount of ingredients that goes best with some vinegar and green chili.
  • Made with generous amount of shredded crabs meat, mushrooms, glass noodles and chicken broth.
  • Frozen Packed and Sealed.

  • 一份温暖而美味的港式鱼翅汤始终是最好的开胃菜,其成分丰富,最适合搭配醋和青辣椒。
  • 用蟹肉丝,蘑菇,冬粉和鸡汤制成。
  • 冷冻包装和密封。

Please take note on Cooking Instruction:

  1. Defrost the item into non frozen condition.
  2. Cut the packaging and pour the soup into a pot.
  3. Heat up the pot with high heat and boil the soup about 5-10 minutes until hot and you are Ready to Serve.


  1. 解冻至非冷冻状态。
  2. 切开包装,将汤倒入锅中。
  3. 用高火加热锅,将汤煮沸约5-10分钟,直到变热,即可食用。

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