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*Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed with 1:1 Exchange or Refund*

As part of MyBarn's development a high level of customer satisfaction and shopping experience online with speedy same day delivery, we are aiming to create a community with values below:

  • Long term and Good Customer Relationship.
  • High Satisfaction of Product & Services.
  • Innovating Convenient & Trending Shopping Experience.

For all purchases with us, we strive to deliver the best and when there are product/service issues that you encounter, we welcome you to get in touch with us and we are happy to assist you in resolving the matter 😄👍🏻

Example of Claimable Issues: 

✅ Unacceptable Product discrepancy eg. Overly Fat (to be determined by description and photo). 

✅ Product Packaging Issues eg. Leaking

✅ Product turned bad/unconsumable pre and post cooking.

❌Products that is stated with High Fat Contents in description.

❌Change of mind after delivery (due to quality concern on frozen food exchange).

❌Returning product without valid reasons. 

👉🏻 To submit a claim please prepare the below:

  1. Send the request via Whatapps at 014-211 2490 / 016-633 5329 or WA Button thru our website.
  2. Share the Order Number with us.
  3. Describe the issue/problem with the product or service. 
  4. Attach Photo of the particular product as proof. 
  5. Our team will evaluate the request and revert on the solution not longer than 3 working days.

❗ Terms & Conditions: 

  1. All approved refunds will be made in the form of "Store Credit" for next purchase use with no expiry date.
  2. NO refunds in form of "Cash", with only exception for Spoilt or Unconsumable foods.
  3. MyBarn reserves the right and discretion in the final decision to the outcome for the claims.

Thank You and Hope you enjoy a pleasant shopping experience with us  

1:1 调换或退款,确保顾客满意

作为 MyBarn 发展的一部分,我们致力于提供高水平的在线服务并让用户享受线上购物的体验,以及快速的完成当日送货服务。我们的目标是创造以下价值:

  • 维持长期及良好的顾客关系。
  • 提高客户对我们的产品和服务的满意度。
  • 更创新、更便捷的线上购物体验。

我们会保证努力提供最佳服务。如果您遇到产品/服务问题,请随时与我们联系,我们将乐意协助您解决问题 😄👍🏻


✅ 无法接受的产品差异,例如:过于肥腻(根据描述和照片来确定)。

✅ 产品包装问题,例如:泄漏。

✅ 产品在烹饪前后变坏/不可食用。

❌ 在描述中注明高脂肪含量的产品。

❌ 交付后改变主意(因质量问题要求换取冷冻食品)。

❌ 无有效理由退回产品。

👉🏻 提交索赔请准备以下内容:

  1. 通过Whatapps发送请求至 014-211 2490 / 016-633 5329 或通过我们网站上的WA按钮。
  2. 与我们分享订单号。
  3. 描述产品或服务的问题。
  4. 附上特定产品的照片作为证据。
  5. 我们的团队将评估请求,并在不超过3个工作日内回复解决方案。


  1. 所有已批准的退款将以“店内信用”形式提供,用于下次购买,没有过期日期。
  2. 除了损坏或不可食用的食品外,不提供“现金”形式的退款。
  3. MyBarn 保留最终决定索赔结果的权利和裁量权。


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