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Ready to Eat Iberico Pork Char Xiu 即煮黑毛猪叉烧

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Ready to Eat Iberico Char Xiu (即煮黑毛猪叉烧) 


Belly contain High Fats due to Natural Characteristic of Iberico Pork (only for fat lovers, please choose another product if fat is not your preference)

花肉脂肪偏高基于黑毛猪的个性和本质 (只适合偏爱高脂的朋友们,如果不能接受的请另选别的产品)

  • A marvelous crossover of Spanish Iberico Pork Belly with Chinese "Fork Roast style Chargrill in a tantalizing barbeque sauce.
  • This is a perfect combination of juicy, tender and perfect charred belly together with a mouth watering sweet and savory sauce.
  • Fat Lovers will love this as the lean meat and fat ratio is 70:30, a Sinful and Delicious piece!
  • Packaging: Frozen and Vacuum Sealed with Food Grade Sous Vide Bag and Heat Resistance up to 100c Degrees.
  • NOTE: 70-80% Fat / 20-30% Lean Meat (due to Iberico's characteristic) 

  • 最美味的猪肉食谱之一:著名的广东蜜汁叉烤搭配西班牙黑毛猪五花肉!
  • 结果??制成了这道完美的烤五花肉,嫩滑多汁,配上浓郁咸甜可口的酱汁
  • 仅适用于脂肪爱好者,因为此叉烤的肥肉比为是70%肥肉和30%瘦肉
  • 包装:冷冻和真空密封,采用食品级铝袋,耐热性高达100摄氏度

Please take note on Cooking Instruction:

Method 1

  • No Defrost Needed, Immerse whole packaging in Hot/Boiling Water for 10 Minutes. 
  • Remove from Packaging and Oven Bake or Air Fryer for 5 minutes each side and you're Ready to Serve.

Method 2:

  • Defrost and Remove from Packaging and Oven Bake or Air Fryer for 5 minutes each side. 



  1. 不需解冻,只需将未开封的包装袋子在开水里煮10分钟
  2. 将肉从包装里取出,用烤炉或空气炸锅烤两侧5分钟就可以食用了


  1. 解冻,将肉从包装里取出,用烤炉或空气炸锅烤两侧5分钟就可以食用了

Take Note on Packaging 注明包装款式 : Food Grade Sous Vide Bag (transparent bag) 食品透明真空级包装.

For Aluminum foil packaging, please select Easy Gourmet Series 采用铝袋包装请选着 Easy Gourmet.

Cooking Instructions:


Pictures & Videos shown are for illustration purpose only (图片仅供参考,请以实物为准)

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